The name of the village Talmassons seems to come from the Latin word 'mans', which indicated large plots of land given to senior soldiers who had fought in the wars for the Roman Empire.

Two areas were found in the village where the dead were buried, one where they burnt the bodies and the other where they buried them directly. Near the church of San Silvestro there is also a small group of old houses.

There are many waters in the Talmassons area, which have always given the landscape a special character. In the past, these waters were important for social and economic life.

In Talmassons, visitors can go walking, horse riding or cycling along routes where they can see beautiful landscapes surrounded by greenery and river water. They can also enjoy genuine food in trattorias and agritourisms.

A star-gazing space has recently been built in Talmassons. This space is used both for studying the stars and for teaching astronomy enthusiasts.

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