Buttrio was founded around the 8th century AD.

Before the time of Charlemagne, the Lombards had control of Buttrio. Between 738 and 960, there were many times when the Avars and Hungarians attacked the area.

Around 1200, the Counts of Gorizia held power in the area. Then, the Lords of Buttrio took control. They had a dispute with the Church of Aquileia, which caused a war in 1220.

For the next two hundred years, the area was rather quiet under the rule of the various successive lords.

In 1306, there was a clash between the Patriarchate and the Counts of Gorizia. After many difficult situations, the Patriarchate conquered Buttrio Castle. Later, the castle was destroyed by inhabitants of Udine, Gemona and Cividale who wanted to stop the power of the Counts of Gorizia.

In 1411, there was another invasion, this time by Hungarians, which caused damage in the area. In 1415, the Lords of Buttrio were permanently ousted.

The Municipality of Buttrio was born in 1811. Then, on 11 August 1866, Buttrio became part of Italy.

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